School Activities

Tsun Jin Idol VII

¡ 第七年举办It has been held for 7 years by the English Language Society
¡ 此活动为了让同学有机会大胆的站在台上秀出他们的才能和唱功
Aim: To enable students to show off their talent of singing and dancing on the stage.

¡ 简介
– 分成四个组别,分别为高中独唱,高中合唱,初中独唱和初中合唱
– 一律英文歌曲都可被接受
– 可以选择清唱,播放CD或音乐伴奏
– 分为初赛和决赛两回合
– Classified in to four groups: Senior Solo Singing, Senior Group Singing, Junior Solo Singing, Junior Group Singing
– All English songs are accepted qParticipants can choose either to sing with or without the music  or in the form of band.
– The preminilary  rounds and the final rounds are the two stages in the process of the competition.

-The only activity that can enable all the members to contribute with.
-Hence, the Wind Orchestra Society, Guitar Society, Photographing Society and the Backstage society has also lend a helping hand in this competition.
-The principle present during this special moment and it is an honor to our society.

English Choral Speaking   集体朗诵比赛

– 第一年举办
– 目的:让同学们有一个新的体验
– 全校学生皆有参与
– 决赛的组别到PutraJaya进行最后的竞赛
• Choral Speaking
This was the first year the competition to be held
Aim: Every Tsun Jin High School Students(Junior 1 to Senior 1) is welcome in this competition
The finalist will be representing the school to participate the Choral Speaking competition in PutraJaya

英文写作比赛Essay writing competition
Aim: To sharpen the writing skills and to seek for talented writers and good essays.
However, this activity is a complete failure due to the decreasing number of the participants every year.

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