Yearly Society Aims and Goals

Goals for Year 2019

Below are the goals for our 2019 target.

Specific- To accomplish and what we hope to gain from doing so, whether it is simply finishing a paper, activity or any event.

Measurable- Make sure we can easily evaluate whether or not our goals was met and how beneficial it ultimately was to us.

Achievable- Avoid missing deadlines and getting behind, as well as giving more accurate overview of how much time we have to invest in other tasks throughout the year.

Results-Focused. Have a clear, distinct outcomes for meeting of our goals,.

Time-bound- Set deadline for each goal or, for more complex tasks with multiple steps, establish deadlines for each major stage of the process.

Goals for 2018:

  1. Achieve year end society result of 88% or above
  2. Achieve the most improvement award
  3. Improve marks of treasurer and secretary reports
  4. Hold at least 4 special activities within the year
  5. Improve members’ speaking skills