28 April 2013

Members gathered today to play a game of “The Animal Kingdom”.

In this simple game, members sat in their respective groups and had to come up with animal names that connected to the previous one. For example, if our fellowship captain started with “elephant” , members had to continue with a word like “tyrannosaurus”. Then the next member needed to form another word starting with the letter S and so on. The catch was that they weren’t allowed to use words which ended with the same letter as the first letter of the previous word, for example, if a member said “tiger”, the word “rat” would not count.

The categories were then expanded for added variety and confusion, and were also removed at will by our fellowship captains to add to the fun. A lot of new words were learned today, and our members also developed into witty thinkers who would try to trap the next member in line with various tactics, it was an enjoyable experience.

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