15 June 2013

Today, we revisited an old favorite of our society called Make-a-Monster, this time with a slight twist. The game involved each group cutting out pictures from magazines, old books, newspapers and so on in order to paste together a “monster” of sorts.  This allowed our members’ creativity to run wild, and various interesting and hilarious “monsters”  were spawned as a result .

Previously though, members weren’t allowed to use anything other than cuttings, this time they were supplied with one marker pen to add some spice to things, bringing the creations to a whole new level.

After this, members were than required to write a description about their creation, explaining its features,  (and which part of an article they came from), with bonus points added if a group could come up with other details like a wacky origin story. We had a lot of fun, and at the same time expanded our vocabulary.

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