Field Trip 2019

This field trip is organised at the same area as last year. Through this activity, members get to strengthen their relationship with each other. Besides, members get to improve their socializing skills and expand historical knowledge of Malaysia. The members will learn how to describe the feelings about the special activity by doing the learning sheet.

Before the day of the field trip, the committee member has introduced the itinerary for the field trip and informed the members about the items needed on that day. The members will be separate into four groups. First, we will be going to a café shop to be a traditional British man. We will be going there by taking LRT and some walking. Then, we will go to the central market to take photo of the scenery and being a `tourist’.

This fieldtrip is held on 3 of August. This meant that the students can end the school day by going to the fieldtrip all day. The members have to wear society t-shirt during the fieldtrip. This is because society t-shirt represents our school and our society. This also aware the members need to behave properly as we are representing the reputation of Tsun Jin High School.  This fieldtrip is also for letting the members to enjoy the time left in the society of the co-curriculum time.

During the fieldtrip, the committee members have taken the lead and led of the society to reach the locations safely. They have done plenty of research and survey before the activity. All members have reached the location in time. The committee members did not forget to tell the elder members to take care of the younger ones.

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