2019 Funfair

Introduction of Activities

Name of experiential learning stall : Tongue twister and Pictoword

  • Content of experiential learning: Our society experiential stall is P6 at the big hall. We will conduct two activities which are tongue twister and pictoword. We predict that we will have 4 members are going to conduct tongue twister and 4 members are going to conduct pictoword. So that,  students can play our games as soon as possible.

Name of activity:  Pictoword and tongue twister

Categories: All students

Aims :

  1. To improve students’ verbal skills.
  2. To instill creativity into students’ mindset.
  3. Learn the basics of rhythms



  In Pictoword, the player will “read” two pictures to form a word. The puzzles can be a combination of the pictures (A picture of an ear and ring will form Earring), a homonym (A picture of a knight and mare will form Nightmare) or what the pictures sound like (A picture of a taxi and dough will form Tuxedo).

  Player will draw 20cards (10goups) of cards, they have 2 minutes to guess 5 groups of  the words. If they success  , our members will give them one stamp.

Activity 2: 

  In tongue twister, the player will read out one sentences of  tongue twister 3 times.

If their pronunciation is clear , they will collect one society stamp.


  • Quantity of stall : 1 Food stall

                         0 Game stall

                         0 Gift stall

  • Details of food stall:
  •   -Product name and default price
  •  Brown Sugar Black Tea with Pearl    RM8
  • Brown Sugar Earl Grey Tea with Pearl  RM8
  • Brown Sugar Hot Chocolate with Pearl  RM8
  • Apple Refresh  RM7
  • Peach&Passion Fruit  RM7
  • Strawberry Sensation RM7
  • Lemon&Lime Twist RM7
  • Black Tea  RM7
  • Earl Grey Tea  RM7