D03 English Language Society Year 2020 16th Weekly Activity

Date: 1st August 2020 (Saturday)

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

Venue: Home (Zoom Meeting)

Number of members: 37

Number of members present: 26

Number of members absent: 11

Percentage of members present: 70.72

Members who absent (1st Zoom): –

Members who absent (2nd Zoom): 陈智轩

Members who absent both Zoom: 吴君仪, 陈桐庆, 赖嘉发, 叶恩曦, 颜川咏, 颜川航,     李泓澔, 李敬恒, 陆伟琦, 林晋伟, 李泓瀚

President: Brenda Wang

Vice President: Eazen Lim

Secretary: Lum Jia En

Activity Planner: Teng Yu Zu

Teacher Advisor: Miss Michelle

Timetable of activity: 

TimeActivityPerson in charge
10:30am – 10:35amAttendanceSecretary
10:35am – 11:25amGuess WhatActivity Planner
11:25am – 11:30amConclusionTeacher Advisor

Activity:  1) Guess What


-The activity planner introduced the Guess What game to the members.

Procedure 1

-First of all, the activity planner gave the selected member a random word through private messaging in chat.

-Following, the member that was chosen must describe and explain the word without saying it.

-Next, the other members were required to guess the word.

-The activity planner also called out some members to answer using their microphones. 

-Some of the words included human, phone charger, baseball bat etc.

-Lastly, the activity came to a halt as time runs out.


-The members can gain an understanding of new words throughout the activity.

-The members were energetic in answering and guessing the words.


-To introduce safe learning by learning from home.

-To establish a closer relationship with members.