D03 English Language Society Year 2020 15th Weekly Activity

Date: 25th July 2020 (Saturday)

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am 

Venue: Home (Zoom Meeting)

Number of members: 37

Number of members present: 28

Number of members absent: 9

Percentages of members present: 75.67

Members who absent (1st Zoom): 罗莉沛, 林晋伟

Members who absent (2nd Zoom): 胡兢轩, 陈智轩,

Members who absent both zoom: 陈桐庆,赖嘉发,颜川咏,颜川航, 李敬恒

President: Brenda Wang

Vice President: Eazen Lim

Secretary: Low Mun Hoe

Activity Planner: Tan Ee Jj  

Teacher Advisor: Miss Michelle

Timetable of activity:

TimeActivityPerson in charge
10:35am-11:00amWord Fill Activity Planner
11:05am-11:30amWord Search Activity Planner

Activity:   1) Word Fill 


-The activity planner gave the members to do the Word Fill activity.

Procedure 1

-First of all, the activity planner put the word fill puzzle on the screen.

-The word fill puzzle was about antonyms of adjectives such as opposite of quiet, opposite of smooth etc.

-Following, the members started to write the words on the slideshow.

-Lastly, the activity ended with the cooperation of the members.

Activity:     2) Word Search 


-The activity planner gave the members word search activity.


-First of all, the activity planner shared her screen and opened the word search exercises.

-Then, the members began finding the hidden words.

-There were lots of word search themes such as cold, quotes, guess who and many more.

-The members highlighted the words and crossed the words below.

-Lastly, the activity ended on time.


-The members learn new vocabulary during both activities.

-The members gained new knowledge during the Word Search.


-To introduce safe learning by learning from home.

-To make certain that members learn something new in every activity.