D03 English Language Society Year 2020 14th Weekly Activity

Date: 4th July 2020 (Saturday) 

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am 

Venue: Home (Zoom Meeting) 

Number of members: 37 

Number of members present: 29 

Number of members absent: 8 

Percentages of members present: 78.37 

Members who absent (1st Zoom): 吴君仪,赖嘉发,谢正尧,颜川咏,罗莉沛,颜川航,李泓瀚 

Members who absent (2nd Zoom): 陈智轩 

President: Brenda Wang 

Vice President: Eazen Lim 

Secretary: Low Mun Hoe 

Activity Planner: Teng Yu Zu 

Teacher Adviser: Miss Michelle 

Timetable of activity: 

Time Activity Person in charge 10:30am-10:35am Attendance Secretary, President 10:35am-11:15am Pictionary Quizizz Activity Planner 11:15am-11:30am Conclusion Teacher Advisor 


Activity: 1) Pictionary Quizizz 


-The activity planner opened up Quizizz and shared screen. 

Procedure 1 

-First of all, the activity planner gave a brief explanation about the upcoming Quizizz to 

the members. 

-After that, the activity planner shared the link and code to the members. 

-Each question has a time limit of 2 minutes and all questions were about riddles. 

-Following, the members answered all the questions cautiously and carefully. 

-Some of the riddles were what word starts with t and ends with t and has a t in it (tea), what gets bigger the more u take away (hole) and many more riddles. 

-Lastly, the member who scored the highest mark in the Quizizz riddle game was Yu Zu. 


-The teacher advisor said that activity planners must submit the lesson plan to the teacher advisor overseeing the implementation of the activity. 

-She also noted that the time of the activity must not be too long and activity planners must plan the activities appropriately according to the time. 

-The members gained a lot of new vocabulary throughout the Riddle Quizizz. 


-To introduce safe learning by learning from home. 

-Maintaining members interest towards the English language and also the society.