2019 24th Weekly Activity

D03 English Language Society Year 2019 24th Weekly Activity

Date:  11th May 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 7:50am-10:30am

Venue: E201

Number of members: 29

Number of members present: 29

Number of members absent: 0

Percentages of members present: 100

Members who absent: 0

President: Natasha Sia

Vice President: Eazen Lim

Secretary: Low Mun Hoe

Activity Planner: Chan Xuan Yin

Teacher Adviser: Miss Michelle

Activity:  1) Revision


-The activity planner revise together with the members.

Procedure 1

-Firstly the activity planner revise the tenses of grammar including passive tense, future tense, past tense, present tense and relative clauses.

-Secondly the members are required to take down the notes written on the whiteboard.

-Then, the activity planner wrote some exercises on the board to let the members answer.

-The activity planner also introduced some vocabulary to the members.

-Lastly, activity planner also share some tips on how to write a better essay in exams.


-To encourage members to speak more.

-To strengthen member’s relationship.


-Members should learn how to cooperate with the activity planner.

-Members should be active when participating in an activity.