2019 20th Weekly Activity

D03 English Language Society Year 2019 20th Weekly Activity

Date:  25th April 2019 (Wednesday)

Time: 2:40pm-4:10pm

Venue: E201

Number of members: 30

Number of members present: 29

Number of members absent: 1

Percentages of members present: 96.66

Members who absent: 候睿钦

President: Natasha Sia

Vice President: Eazen Lim

Secretary: Low Mun Hoe

Activity Planner: Chan Xuan Yin

Teacher Adviser: Miss Michelle

Activity:  1) Presenting a news report


-The activity planner describe the activity to the members.

Procedure 1

-Firstly the members are form into six groups.

-Secondly the groups must prepare a script for the news report and then another group member to present the news report.

-The news report are separated into three categories such as disasters, sports and celebrity. The members must us the topics above and give time, place and details about the topics they are presenting.

-Then the members must also use phrases like welcome to the … show, I’m your host and many more ways to start and present a news report.

-The members are given 30 minutes of time to prepare and present to the whole class.


-To broaden members knowledge of English.

-To improve members communication skills.


-Members must give full attention when someone is talking in front.

-Members should be more active while participating in activities.