English Language Society Camp 2018

Tsun Jin High School English Language Society had held the third annual training camp with the theme “Seize Your Moment” on 20th of June to 22nd of June 2018.This camp was held to improve the relationship between the members and help the members to unleash their talents. In this camp the important thing we need to learn is teamwork. The reason is because teamwork makes way for flourishment of ideas and it also promotes delegation of responsibility.

In the camp we have groups members such as group A and group B. In every group we have total seven members. These groups are set by activity planners to conduct activities. Who wins will get a reward from teacher advisor.

The game activities of first day camp begins at 10am in the morning. The first activity is lce breaking activity. After that we went for word search , doing soap DIY and origami. These are the activities of first day camp.

On the second day, the following activities are public speaking talk. Every member has to go out and perform to speak about the title given by coach. We do have spelling bee , tongue twister and detective games.

The third day of camp is going to be our last day of camp. We have the last activity which is quiz for general knowledge. They are total 60 questions to answer. We did have fun with this activities of our society camp. This will strengthen our relationship together and always be happy together in this camp.