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30 march 2016

Today, we have a few guests from another center come to visit our society. They are here to watch us how our daily activities progress. So, the game that the fellowship captain bring out is word guessing. Although is just one game, but they have split it in to two section. First, we play it by hangman. The next game, two members from each group have to sit in front of the computer, facing the audience and the rest have to act whatever words that appear on the monitor. By doing this, the members can able to develop vocabulary skills and try to use some adjectives to describe the word and build confidence in their knowledge of facts in a given content area.



IMG_1811-OptimizedIMG_1816-OptimizedToday, the fellowship captain has brought something interesting to us. An activity is as fun as game,but also can train our brainstorming and train our speaking skills. Debate activity is one of the game that not only a normal game but also help us a lot. For example, after the topic was given out, we have to come out with 7-9 points to support our point of view. It also train our brain to be nimble so that we are able to reply back within a limit time. In additional, someone who is much knowledgeable has a advantage in this game, because this activity need a lot of extra information so that we have example to support our points.




A motivational speaker or inspirational speaker is a speaker who makes speeches intended to motivate or inspire an audience.Sometimes we need someone to motivate us to do something. Today, our teacher has invited a 22 years old young boy, named Jacky Wong, a motivational speaker came to give us a wonderful talk. As expected, speech came out from him is something that we don not hear normally. The main idea of his talk is about”dream to dare” and public speaking. What he teach us  is most about communication skill and how to “talk”.


 Our society will be having an orphans visit on 2 may. Our aim is to let the members to experience something that they mostly haven’t experience before. For example, they need to take care of the elders and the orphanage. We hope that they will be able to learn something different. Beside that, we will have a performance during the visit 。So, we sometimes after school,we will practice by our-self.