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28 July 2013

Today is the last day of preparation before our school centennial celebration and carnival. Our committee set up the gaming booth that will be used the following day in our activity room and had members play-test it to collect data confirming its strengths and weaknesses. With this, improvements could be made to better enhance the gaming experience of carnival goers. Members also had to learn the rules and mechanics of the game in detail so that they could manage the booth well during the carnival

Our society will offer three award prizes on the day itself, the third prize being notebooks, Second Prize Sim Siri chick dolls and the grand prize of minions from the movie “Despicable Me 2”.

We had a lot of fun with the game today. Members were also thought how to be courteous during their period of service and were exposed to more formal and polite phrases.

Spelling Bee Competition

On the 18th and 20th of July 2013, our society held a Spelling competition involving participants from all forms. This activity was held in order to promote the usage of English throughout the whole school, as well as improve the standard of English of our school’s students. The event venue was in the 4th floor classrooms of our school’s D block, and the details of it are as follows.

Activity Details:

18 July 2013 – Preliminaries

Participants where split into three groups according to their form, Junior 1 and 2 formed group one, Junior 3 and Senior 1 formed group two, while Senior 2 and 3 formed the third group. They were then put through the preliminary round.
An announcer from our society recited 100 words, participants then had to spell these words correctly relying only on their hearing. These words were carefully selected by our committee to suit each group, they were of various categories and ranged from easy to extremely difficult so as to provide variety.

After the preliminaries, our committee in charge took time to go through the submissions of all participants, the few who scored the best among the rest were then selected and announced through the society bulletin board.

20 July 2013 – Finals

These top scorers then proceeded to the final round, which involved a game of scrabble. Finalists of each group each went through two rounds of timed scrabble matches. They had a limited time to think of words to form from a small selection of letters. Words had to link to the previous ones formed on the board in some way and were scored based on the scrabble score for each individual letter’s difficulty. The finalist who raked up the most points was declared the victor of the competition for their respective group.

It was a pretty hectic event. We had many participants (especially from the Junior level) who gave their all in the competition. Alas, winners had to be selected. We learned a lot from this event, and had tonnes of fun as well. We hope all participants also feel the same way.