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11 May 2013

During today’s society activities, members played a game called telephone. In this game, members had to line up in their respective groups (the order self decided) and the first member was then given a message. They then had to pass the message, one person at a time with no one else hearing it, using only word of mouth, to the end of the line. The member at the end then had to come up front and write what they heard on the board, and the group with the most accurate interpretation would win.

The game sounded deceivingly simple to our members, who later found out the hard way how tough it was even at the earlier stages. As the rounds went on, the messages got increasingly longer and complicated, which was reflected in the ever more distorted and confusing sentences written on the board, which made for great comedy.

At the end all the groups were combined to form one giant line, by the time the last member got the message, it had already undergone several mutations into something completely different. Our members improved on their listening and speaking skills, on top of having fun today.