Monthly Archives: August 2012

4 August 2012

Today, society members played a game called fashion show. In this games, all groups were supplied with various materials such as newspapers and cardboards and had to use their creativity and imagination to create clothing out of them. After all groups had finished, one member from each group then had to put on the “clothing” and walk around in a pseudo fashion show intended for laughs while the other members described what they had done and used in great detail like real fashion designers. True to the ELS spirit, lots of laughter was heard and we had a lot of fun.

7 July 2012

Today at the society gathering, our members split into groups of their own choice to play two different boardgames, which were scrabble and upword. It has become ELS tradition to play these two board games as not only can they improve members’ standard of English and widen their range of vocabulary, they are also fun and can provide tons of entertainment along with fostering new relationships and tightening bonds. Members tried their best to spell the longest and most bombastic words they could with whatever letter tiles they had and learned lots of new words.

30 June 2012

During today’s society gathering, members had to do various English by themselves. These exercises were prepared by the teacher adviser and the committee members with the aim of strengthening the level of English among society members. The exercises prepared ranged from simple “fill in the blanks” tests where members could fill in any appropriate word to tests on comprehension and grammar. Our members cracked their heads working hard and though not everyone did well, all of us learned something today.

16 June 2012

Today at our society gathering, we played a game called “cast away”. In this game, society members were again split into several groups and then the rules were explained. The groups had to imagine that they were stranded on an island, and had to think of ways that they would survive or escape, they then had to write a short essay about it and then come out to act what they had written. Naturally, some very creative groups made some very humorous performances, we all had a lot of fun.

14 April 2012

During today’s society gathering, we were tested on our general knowledge. All students were split into several groups who would then compete to answer several general knowledge questions prepared before-hand in English. Questions such as “What country is referred to as the land of the rising sun?” or “What is the national flower of the United States?” were asked. The team with the most correct answers by the end of the quiz was then declared the winner and awarded points.