Monthly Archives: February 2012

25 February 2012

Today during or society meeting we played a game called the telephone game. For this game, society members brought a few english novels that they liked from home. Our fellowship captain would then randomly pick sentences that were hard to memorize from each of the novels. Members were then split into their usual groups and lined up in a straight line, the first person of each line would then have to memorize the given sentence and pass it on to the next member. This went on until the sentence was passed to the final member of each group who would then have to write it down on a piece of paper. The group which got closest to the original sentence would then receive points.

This game helped members to improve their listening and speaking skills, it also helped us learn some new vocabulary from the novels to use during or exams

4 February 2012

At our society meeting today, all of us played a game called “the animal game”. In this game, students took on the roles of various animals such as the hippopotamus, flying fox and so on. All of the students then clapped according to a rhythm and one at a time called for another animal also according to the rhythm. Any student who didn’t follow the rhythm, was too slow, or responded without being called would then lose that round.

This game helped us learn about some new animals and also the correct spelling of their names.