Monthly Archives: March 2011

29 March 2011

It’s Tuesday and we are back to society after a Saturday break, which we had parents day. Today we decided to have some board games, and we had Scrabbles as our activity. Every members were¬†separated¬†into 10 different groups, each groups with 4 members and a leader. The leader is responsible for counting the marks for the members, while the members are allowed to use the dictionary provided to check potential words to form on the board. This increases members’ vocabulary in a fun and interesting way, and they seemed to enjoy it a lot.

22 March 2011

The exam and holidays are over after half a month and we are back to our society activities. Today, we had an activity which is to guess the proverb by acting. Every group is required to leave a member in the room, and the others outside. The person in the room is required to randomly pick a piece of paper in a can which contains a proverb in it. He then need to act it out to the next person that comes into the room, which is one of his own group member, and the latter is required to act the same action to the next member, and so on. Every member is given 30 seconds to act out. The last person that comes in is required to guess the proverb by the action and if he manages to answer it within the time given, the team will get 2 points.

Below is some interesting photos taken during the activity: