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25 Jan 2011

Today we had 2 activities going on. One of them is to a word game, which you need to find 15 hidden words that is related to money matters in a box full of words. This requires teamwork to find out all the words as it’s uneasy to solve it on a one-man-team. Group members spent some time discussing about it, and doing their best to solve it. Eventually a team got all of them, but some did not finish it when the time is up.

After that, we had another creative activity which canĀ strengthen our geographic skill. Every group were given a paper with a list of country names, and everyone requires to fill in the capital city, currency and a notable event that happened in the country into the columns given. There is also a large word map sticked in the white board for reference, and the members enjoyed that.

Below are some pictures of today’s activities.

18 January 2011

Today, we had our second society activity for 2011. We played a game called “Cross The River”. It is an activity which requires us to teamwork and think deeply.

The game is like this:

We have a father, a mother, a criminal, a police, two sons and two daughters.

However, if the criminal is without police, he will start to kill people. If the father is alone with daughters, he will beat them to death. If the mother is alone with sons, she will beat them to death. So how can they cross the river successfully?

All of the society members have been split into 6 groups, with 8 people each, which means all members have a role in the activity.

However, it turned out that only 1 group succeed. Congratulations to them, they really did an awesome job today.

Here are some pictures and videos for today’s activity:

Click me for the video!

I hope you enjoy today’s post. Thank you for reading. šŸ™‚