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English Awareness Campaign Week 2019

From 24th to 28th of June, we have held the staple event of our society, English Awareness Campaign Week. This event included activities and competitions such as Book Fair, Amazing Race, Storytelling Competition, News Broadcast Competition, Jazz Chant Competition and Song Festival. This event was welcomed by the students’ eagerness to participate. During each recess, books from Scholastic were sold in the small hall. On the other hand, the latter activities were held after school. Participants raced among each other while doing challenges in groups during Amazing Race; junior students presented stories in groups for Storytelling Competition; many classes participated in the Jazz Chant Competition by presenting a chant with the theme of “Life as a Teenager”; senior classes also submitted their adaptation of a news broadcast for our News Broadcast Competition; and plenty of singers sang English pop songs during Song Festival. In conclusion, English Awareness Campaign Week was a success as it increased the usage of English within the school compound.

Song Festival

Song Festival

News Broadcast Competition

Book Fair

Jazz Chant Competition

Storytelling Competition

Amazing Race

Song Festival

Jazz Chant

English Language Society Camp 2019

Tsun Jin High School English Language Society had held the training camp with the theme “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” on 24th of May to 26nd of May 2019.This camp was held to improve the relationship between the members and help the members to unleash their talents. In this camp, the important thing we need to learn is teamwork. The reason is because teamwork makes way for flourishment of ideas and it also promotes delegation of responsibility.

In the camp we have three groups of members which are group A, group B and group C. In every group, we have a total of seven members. These groups are set by activity planners to conduct activities. Who wins will get a reward from the teacher advisor.

The game activities of first day camp begins at 7:15pm at night. The first activity is lce breaking activity. We had played the games which were tongue twister, pass the message and draw and guess. Tongue twisters can be a challenge for even the most talented talkers, it can help students to improve their presentation skills .

On the second day, the following activity is General Knowledge. Activity planners will ask all the players 60 questions. The player who answers correctly the most questions is the winner. After that, we do have running man, origami and detective games.

The third day of camp is going to be our last day of camp. We have the last activity which is Chair Bridge. This activity is participate by all members in one group. This is a teamwork activity so it can let students learn the phrase “Unity is strength”. We did have fun with this activities of our society camp. This will strengthen our relationship together and always be happy together in this camp.

Tsun Jin High School 64th Anniversary

Tsun Jin High School 64th Anniversary From the end of February, Tsun Jin High School has started the ongoing celebration of its 64th Anniversary. We had the chance to decorate the obsolete whiteboards with drawings that are in conjunction with our school’s anniversary. For our society, we drew a tea party themed “Winnie the Pooh” which signifies the happy moments in our lives in school. Besides, we were required to prepare a poem recital entitled “Tsun Jin, the Shining Star”. Members of our society have poured out their unconditional efforts to shine bright during the assembly on the 7th of April. Overall, the celebration for Tsun Jin 64th Anniversary went smoothly.

Tsun Jin High School 64th Anniversary

Tsun Jin the Shining Star


Tsun Jin High School had held a Chinese New Year’s Celebration at the end of January. All of the societies had the chance to create their stall to sell products. For our society, we sold some chocolates such as M&M, Ferrero Rocher and many more. Besides, we had also sold some crunchy prawn crackers in conjunction with the new year festive. Other than that, our society had the opportunity to create our stall at small hall. Members of our society tried their best to decorate the stall to let the stall had more Chinese New Year’s feel. Overall, the celebration for Chinese New Year went overwhelmed with joy and successful.

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year