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14 July 2015



Today,we will give our members to have a short break. So, we have decided to let them to enjoy a cartoon film, ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks”. It seem that, they are just only watching the film. But actually, we are hoping that the members are also able to learn the way of the speaking by those actors.Besides that, we also hope that they will able to learn how to listen to American English. By doing this, we hope that one day when they can use this skill during in a foreign country.

After the movie, the fellowship members lead us to enjoy a game. The members are asked to drink a mouthful of water and then they are asked to say out a word or a sentence.


24 Jan 2015




The first activity for today was to continue last week exercise worksheets. Today, we will discuss the paper with the members. They are allow to answer the question by raising their hands. We will add marks to the members that had answer correctly.By doing this, not only they could earn more marks for themselves,  but also improve their own English and also encourage them to do more. The next period is gaming time. Since most of them had done their worksheet, the fellowship captain had leaded us to play an relaxing game called ‘killer’. Most of the members had already know how to play so the fellowship captain didn’t explain much and straight away started the game. Thr picture shown above is the members were ask to lay down so that the fellowship captain can choose the ‘killer’, ‘police’, ‘doctor’ and the civil.

20 Jan 2015

english             This is the first activity of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE SOCIETY. The fellowship captain had given every member an exercise paper to finish it. Some of the new members fell bored doing it, but we had told them that English is an very important language to us, because it is one of the international language. To let them to understand more about the vocabulary, the fellowship captain had copy some of the meaning at the whiteboard. By doing this, we hope that we could improve their English language.

2015 first annual meeting

Today, is one of our society’s BIG day, because this is our first annual meeting. Of

Couse, there are a lots of new member join in to our BIG ELS family. I hope that the

new members can enjoy joining the English Language Society. Since all of us aren’t

get to know each and other. The fellowship’s captain lead us to play an icebreaking 

game. Althought, they still counldn’t remember each others name in a short time,

but at least they could get to know each other.