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English Language Society Carnival 2018

August 1, 2018

 This is our first time participate English Carnival in this year. It was a fun competition and challenge with other school participants. It also give us many experience and more understand to this competition. We also got number third for the competition and got a award from the director of Help University. It was a surprised and hope that next year we will be participate more again.

English Language Society Camp 2018

August 1, 2018

Tsun Jin High School English Language Society had held the third annual training camp with the theme “Seize Your Moment” on 20th of June to 22nd of June 2018.This camp was held to improve the relationship between the members and help the members to unleash their talents. In this camp the important thing we need to learn is teamwork. The reason is because teamwork makes way for flourishment of ideas and it also promotes delegation of responsibility.

In the camp we have groups members such as group A and group B. In every group we have total seven members. These groups are set by activity planners to conduct activities. Who wins will get a reward from teacher advisor.

The game activities of first day camp begins at 10am in the morning. The first activity is lce breaking activity. After that we went for word search , doing soap DIY and origami. These are the activities of first day camp.

On the second day, the following activities are public speaking talk. Every member has to go out and perform to speak about the title given by coach. We do have spelling bee , tongue twister and detective games.

The third day of camp is going to be our last day of camp. We have the last activity which is quiz for general knowledge. They are total 60 questions to answer. We did have fun with this activities of our society camp. This will strengthen our relationship together and always be happy together in this camp.

2018 Special Activity 2 – Cultural Activity

May 13, 2018

 On that day , we have organised a cultural activity to welcome Taiwan school students to visit. This cultural activity is related to Indian culture and also let Taiwan school students to understand about this culture. This activity as held at school small hall that day. We also had brought many Indian snacks to let the students from Taiwan to try . We also have organised some decoration to attract Taiwan school students. It was a wonderful day to have them here and can be also strengthen relationships with others.

2018 Special Activity 1 – Chinese New Year Activity

May 13, 2018

In January, our society organized an activity to celebrate the Chinese New Year.We had set up two booths which were Food Booth and Games Booth.
In the food booth we sold Chocolate with a dog, Red Velvet flavoured Rose cupcake and snacks.We also gave away free sweets.We hope to encourage students to express their loves and thanks to the teachers by writing rather than  sending e-mails.
While in the games booth, we had carried out a games called Lucky Ball.Players thrown the ping pong balls to the egg carts.Only when the ball was in the blue,red,yellow holes marks were given.We had given out prizes to the winners with many bars of chocolates.
In conclusion, this activity had given us a great chance to learn to organize an event. The relationship between members and teacher were bonded and closed.

English Debating – ELS Saturday Activity

April 26, 2018


-Coach lead and carry out the debating activity between members.

Procedure 1

-Topic: “If you find your friend cheating in test, will you tell the teacher”, is given to the members to let them debate  on.

-Members given some time to think about what they want to say.

-Every member should give their opinion about the topic.

-Members are separated into different groups.

-Coach correct the members’ mistake if found.


-To improve their debating skills.

-To groom the confident of every member when talking or given a speech in front of people.


-Members learn to indicate their opinion and know to persuade others.

The British and America – ELS 2018 1st Weekly Activity

April 26, 2018


-Activity Planner introduces the different between the British and America’s English.

-Questions and Answers Activity is carried out to test what the members have learned.


-Members are divided in three groups.

-Activity Planner introduces the culture, language and pronunciation of America and British’s English.

-A video has played by Activity Planner.

-After the video finished, QnA  Activity started.

-During the activity, members answer while learning knowledge.


-Provides an opportunity for members to more knowing English.

-To create amiable atmosphere between all members through the QnA activity.


-Members learn many things through today activity and know to separate the difference  between America and British’s English.

2017 Special Activity 4—Dataran Merdeka Interview

September 6, 2017


On this fateful day we headed for Dataran Merdeka from our school, to begin our forth special activity: Interviewing foreign tourists. This activity was guided by two teachers, Mrs Michelle and Mr Nagen.

As soon as we arrived at the spot at around 10 a.m. We began spotting for wandering tourists so as to politely ask them for an interview about their thoughts and impressions of Malaysia and its cultures.

The members were given the chance to communicate with people of other races and nationality from different backgrounds around the globe.

Of course the aim of the activity was not only to find out what tourists thought about Malaysia before and after their visit here, the activity also focused on training the members to be more fluent in speaking with others through English, to enhance communication and collaboration with others,and to promote the spirit of autonomous learning amongst the members.

In conclusion, the members learnt how to initiate a friendly and warm conversation with foreigners with the use of English that united us all.

2017 Special Activity 2—-Camp

September 6, 2017

Date: 29/05 to 31/05

In this time of the month we have organized an authentic camping activity by the name of <You Live, You Learn> Enlightenment Camp for the members to spend more time together after school and also to present an opportunity for them to learn and grow.

Throughout the entire activity the members have engaged in various entertaining and fruitful events. We have also invited Mr Joe Fhang, a famous local lecturer who specializes in training others to yield improvements over their English language proficiency, the ability to give a good speech and in similar fields.He has come to our aid during the camp to train the members to better their language skills and prowess in the arts of expressing their thoughts verbally.

Also,our esteemed teacher advisor, Mrs Michelle has also delivered to us a powerful speech of how to manage ourselves in the competitive business world and how to cooperate with our peers in our work to achieve greater heights together without conflicting others.

Generally, the members and the teacher advisor had a wonderful time together during this activity, and most definitely we will organize a camp again in the following years.



May 5, 2016

IMG_1811-OptimizedIMG_1816-OptimizedToday, the fellowship captain has brought something interesting to us. An activity is as fun as game,but also can train our brainstorming and train our speaking skills. Debate activity is one of the game that not only a normal game but also help us a lot. For example, after the topic was given out, we have to come out with 7-9 points to support our point of view. It also train our brain to be nimble so that we are able to reply back within a limit time. In additional, someone who is much knowledgeable has a advantage in this game, because this activity need a lot of extra information so that we have example to support our points.


May 5, 2016



A motivational speaker or inspirational speaker is a speaker who makes speeches intended to motivate or inspire an audience.Sometimes we need someone to motivate us to do something. Today, our teacher has invited a 22 years old young boy, named Jacky Wong, a motivational speaker came to give us a wonderful talk. As expected, speech came out from him is something that we don not hear normally. The main idea of his talk is about”dream to dare” and public speaking. What he teach us  is most about communication skill and how to “talk”.