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Our society participated in the 5th English Forum for Eight Chinese Independent Schools ( Selangor and Kuala Lumpur ). The members performed very well. Unfortunately, they didn’t win but still were very good.


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Our society was involved in the 6th (CISS) English Debate Competition for Chinese Secondary Schools by Help University.

Although we didn’t manage to win anything, the competitors gave their best.

本学会参与了由 HELP University举办的第五届全国独中英语辩论赛。本学会虽然没得到奖,但会员都尽全力。

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Our society participated in the Oxbridge Public Speaking Competition organised by SUNWAY University. Although the members didn’t win, they gave it their all and tried their best.

本学会参与由Sunway University举办的牛津和剑桥演讲比赛。虽然没有得到优越的成绩,他们还是全力以赴地比赛,为校争光。

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2017 Training Camp 23/3 ~ 25/3

Day 1

On 23rd of March, members of our society made their way to school on a cool Thursday morning and gathered in the school canteen.

Calling all EEDS

We put down our luggage and went to report to the camp secretary. Those who were not part of the camp committee had to hand in their phones for safekeeping so that they would not be tempted to use them during lessons or activities. As for us committees? Well, we only get to keep our phones for emergency purposes, not because we get to use them.

After the majority of the members had arrived, camp president Jessie began the customary pep talk before the camp officially started. Everyone listened closely to what she had to say while me and Jin Mey, both Multimedia for the camp, snapped pictures with our cameras to capture the moments and keep the memories. Click here to Read More

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Reunion Lunch 1.0

“We’ve never had a reunion event before, let’s host one!” Jin Mey, our President exclaimed.

We agreed with her.

Having not hosted a reunion gathering before, we decided to start this year, so that alumni members and current society members would be able to hang out together and catch up with one another.

“So, who wants to be in charge?” Click here to Read More

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Our members emceeing in the Parkson Fund Raising event alongside with them were the choir society, harmonica society and the Chinese elocution society. The event was held to help those who face financial difficulties and help them continue their studies.


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It’s a New Year!

“It’s a new year, it’s a new year… it’s a new year,” said Jin Mey, our President for this year.


Jin Mey our gorgeous president.


For the first time ever, our humble society’s old members are outnumbered by newbies. Click here to Read More

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Being a News Reporter

2013 first ever training camp where we tried news reporting exercise.

The experience was a refreshing to us as some of us are not used to speak in Chinese professionally.
Each of us took our turns to step in front of the camera to speak. Somehow, we only realized how funny we sounded when the videos were all played back again.

Here is a Video of what actually happened.

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Six pizzas and A Pile of Responsibility

Hey peeps!!!


This is my first ever post since I took charge of updating this thingy. So if you have no clue as of who I am, my mysterious identity shall be revealed in the end of this post. Sorry for taking so long, I was lazy there was barely anything to write about since things are going kinda sluggishly around here.


But still.


So what’s with the title? Well, other than the fact that it is simply borne of my supreme intelligence and creativity(Ahem. Jia Woei told me to be cute, this is my lousy interpretation of his commands) , it is a clue. What of? I think I’d better stop with all the riddles here before your brain explodes you get bored.

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